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    If you are a blogger/ business manager then you will be able to apply everything you learn for improvement of your website.

    If you are a job aspirant then you will be able to land a job easily once you are through our course.

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    You will be fully equipped to do so but we will advise to have some work experience in your resume before you apply for such a position.

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    Instagram Marketing tips that get good results

    The popularity of Instagram is sky-rocketing ever since it was launched 7 years back. With over 8 million registered business accounts and monthly active users of 700 million presently, Instagram has taken the online digital marketing world by storm.

    However, running your own Instagram business online can be intimidating, especially if you own a small business. Nevertheless, with a few simple Instagram marketing tips, you can now make your business reach new heights.

    However, before delving into the secrets to successfully market your brand online, take a look at why you should opt for Instagram marketing.

    Why choose Instagram marketing for your business?

    In this age of digital economy, any marketer not using Instagram would be missing out on major brand promotions. Well, you could buy instagram followers.. and if you use companies like Buzzoid then you won’t have any problems, but be warned because not every instagram likes or  followers provider are legitimate. The last thing you want is getting your account banned! Nevertheless, Instagram marketing is absolutely essential.

    Want to know why? Well, here are the reasons –

    1. Instagram is all about images and we know that visuals create a lasting impression. Hence, try to incorporate interesting stories related to your brand or you can even advertise your services or products using humorous pictures or texts. It’ll be a hit amongst your viewers gaining you more followers.
    2. Another point in favor of Instagram marketing is addressing your target audience. Not only can online marketing give you an insight to the type of customers your brand generates but you can also spread your brand name over a larger scale. One good trick is to use relevant hash tags to associate with your target audience.
    3. Promoting your business over Instagram also helps you to interact directly with your customers. You can find out what works for your audience and strategize your marketing procedure accordingly.
    4. Instagram marketing also lets you become aware of your competitors. You can get ideas and snippets on how your competitors promote their brand and instructions on engaging customers.

    Now that you have got a precise idea on the importance of Instagram marketing for your business, let’s move on to the tips now. You can incorporate these to market your business over Instagram.

    Few effective Instagram marketing tips from experts:

    Tip-1: Tell and not sell your brand story

    Instagram is home to young demographic users, so don’t get over professional. Share the journey of your brand, be emotive or you can try posting success stories and pictures using wit and humor.

    However, avoid being over sentimental.Remember, to capture your audience; the trick is to showcase your passion towards your business as well as service towards customers.

    Tip-2: Hash tag away

    Hash tagging and instagramming go side by side. So, do not forget to use as many relevant hash tags as you can to generate more awareness about your brand. Besides, the wise use of hash tags will gain you a substantial number of followers.

    Tip-3:Start an Instagram community

    Make your business popular by connecting with your followers on a more personal level. You can post customer feedbacks, feature a shoutout and host giveaways. This will help you connect to your customers and build a positive image of your brand amongst them.

    Tip-4:Install Ink361

    One sure shot way you can discover and connect to new customers and companies is by using link361. This Instagram tool even lets you analyze the social impact of your posts on your audience.

    Tip-5:Be specific with details

    You know you cannot give a structured ‘About me’ in your Instagram bio. Lengthy posts are not viable, hence make your bio crisp and clean. Be informative but not bland. You can give a one liner or quote explaining your service or product.

    Tip-6:Generate a limited period offer

    Limited period offers and discounts are one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of potential customers. For e.g. you launched a new line of products. Hit up your audience with a discount on first come first basis.

    Tip-7:Keep a track of your business game

    While you are concentrating on promoting your brand and establishing customer relations, don’t forget to maintain a record of popular posts, or products that worked well with your customers.

    Pick out relevant pointers to implement new ideas and techniques that can work for future use.

    Furthermore, you can use an Instagram tool like Iconosquare to view account stats, number of likes and the growth rate of your follower’s page.

    Moving on, now that you have a brief insight about the tips, check out the popular Instagram marketing trends dominating social media this year.

    Popular Instagram marketing trends 2018:

    1. Instagram introduces shopping

    The introduction of the new shopping feature on Instagram has taken the online marketing to a next level. This feature allows brands to add links to photos on Insta stories which generate customers towards a landing page.

    Presently, however, only certified accounts are given the privilege of adding links, but soon enough; speculations have been made to offer this feature to worldwide users.

    1. Instagram Ads

    With almost 2 million advertisers, Instagram continues to launch recommended features to increase discoverability. Recently the introduction of Carousel Ads enables companies to add more layer to their paid ads. This allows consumers more information which leads to higher conversion rates.

    1. Brand face filters

    Snapchat and Facebook have been using augmented reality features for a while now, but Instagram isn’t far behind. You can implement some humor in your brand face by using these augmented reality face filters. A branded face filter with relevance to your business can do wonders.

    Now, if you’re to market your brand online, you need to be at the top of your game.Hence, check out these strategies.

    Popular strategies to Instagram marketing in 2018:

    • Focus on posting more videos on Instagram. Suppose you have launched a new product or service on this social media site, try going live.
    • Connect with popular internet personalities or get in touch with a celebrity to give your brand a popular face.
    • Keep a track of your daily data and analyze the pros and cons of every marketing technique you implemented.
    • Engage with potential customers, request feedbacks and monitor your comment section regularly. Also, maintain an infographics for reference.

    Therefore, Instagram can be the ultimate ground for businesses to build their brand. Naturally, these tips will help you enhance your market value; nevertheless don’t stop pushing yourself to try out new ideas and techniques. Who knows, maybe your company could be the next trendsetter in the upcoming future of online marketing!